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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Facebook Auto Like [ New ]

Need to follow the instruction first !

Now Go To This [FacebookAutoLike]

And Follow the step to the another step to complete what u want !

and then your can get more follower and like , like this picture ..
sorry only 1 old picture before this picture get 80+ above like ..

-: How To Used :-

1 . Follow the step 1 , and then Follow all  in the step 1 want !

2 . Follow the step 2 , just click the access token to get free no BUY !

3 . Just look up , how to used and if u expert just LOGIN and go to server tester !


Step 1
No Scam No Spam

Step 2
No Buy No Liar

Step 3
Just Log In and Go To Submit First , dont paste u token to box , because the box in

BUT !!!

If your facebook have PROBLEMS Don't comment to me 
because i just post , what its fun not to give virus :D

I post this Website because , i trying first before u look up ,, 
i swear ,, its working like the picture at the upping !

Have Fun :D 

Credit : Akunymous

Thursday, July 18, 2013

San Andreas Mode Installer ( SAMI ) Old Still Working

San Andreas Mode Installer New Update at this Akunymous Gaming Blogger

Its Still Working No Patched !


This Download can use at here ..

How To Use ?

1 . You must Download a link at this Blog

2 . Wait , still loading Downloader ..

3 . Its Done , click and run the folder

4 . after run you must check ...

5 . if this file text " ERROR "

6 . you must download Microsoft . NET framenetwork 1.1
at this [link]

7 . Try again running the SAMI and Text below like this image..

8 . Don't Panic .. just click " OK "

9 . and then u must click " BROWSE " at the first box ..and search you GTA SA
File . exe 

10 . Finally ... another box you must click " BROWSE " again and then you click at
you Extract file ...

Look At This Video If U not understand !

Have Fun ... Enjoys !

Credit by : Akunymous

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dofus Game On9 Hack [ NEW ]

Only use On  Windows Xp , 7 , Vista , 8 , Mac and Linux Computers !

Features :

Levelling UP
Dofus Hack

!!! Attention !!!

!!! Follow the 2 step First to Do Very Simple and DONE !!!

Step 1

" Click Download Link for Hack "

Step 2
 " Click Follow Button On Facebook To Complete the Steps "

How To Use :

1 . Open The Download at u Internet or Files Download from Computer

2 . Open the Download WinZip or WinRar

3 . Xtract Files to DESKTOP

4 . open the file on DESKTOP

5 . Run


!!! ATTENTION !!! 

--- But Look At This Video First [Click Here]---

or Look at this Video for simple !

Have Fun !

Credit to : Akunymous

Mol Point for All games Online Hack [ NEW ]

Only Works On  Window Xp , Mac and Linux Computer

!!! Follow The Steps below to Receive the File without any errors !!!

Step 1 

" Click the link , go to Facebook and Click FOLLOW Button "

Step 2

" Click the Download Button and Finish the Verification "

After Download , Run The MOL HACK tools.It is Virus BUG free so no worries about turning OFF your Anti-Virus.
If you still doubt , You can Check the VirusTotal Results To Be Sure That its Clean !.

Look this I SWEAR !!

For do this look at video FIRST !

I  Try and Try but , Page not found for this video .. u can look at this LINK !

GodsWar Hack [ NEW ]

Only Open With Window XP , Window Vista , Window 7

Windows 8 New Windows Can'T Open !

Window 7 :

Home Premium

Features :

Exp Hack
Damage Hack
Unlimited HP
Gold Hack
Premium Weapon Hack
Get Faste Up Level

Try [Click Here] to Download 

Have Fun !! Enjoy the Hack !

Credit to : Akunymous

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Steam Game Hack + 3K Games [ NEW ]

This hack is not patched yet. So it works 100%! Hack-download

Download link: [Click Here]

If it dosent work contact me at skype: victoria.gish


32bit: [
Click Here]

64bit: [Click Here]

Virus Scan: 


Steam keySteam 
serialSteam Keygen 
Steam Key Generator
Steam Crack
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Serial KeysSteam 
Product Key
Steam Serial Code

Look at This video :

Credit to : Akunymous

Criminal Case Hack [ NEW ]

See the new hack for the functional Criminal Case. 

He will of endless coins, for you to buy the bosters and other bonuses, and you can pause the game to find better things, and has the option to auto click, we think things out for you no matter where you click. 

Download Link: 

Just Try [Click Here] (Multiple Servers) 
                  Just Try [Click Here] (link Online 100% working.) 

Password ONLY available for free on our forum Hack Games: 

Just Try [Click Here] for Password

If the forum, do not use this group succeeds in facebook that has tb password: 

Just Try [Click Here] go to Forum Index !

Can't Understand , watch it ! and Enjoy !!

Credit to : Akunymous